We are a self-pay practice. This means we serve our patients directly instead of serving third party insurance companies. We do not accept any commercial/private insurances at JUVIVE.

As your visits are inclusive of cosmetic consultations we are unable to provide superbills.

You can still use insurance to pay for prescriptions at your pharmacy, for your blood tests at the laboratory, and for imaging at radiology centers.

**We are participating providers of the Medicare program. Please call to inquire more. We do not accept Medi-Cal.


Our pricing is transparent, upfront, and reasonable. You will know what your visit will cost ahead of time.

Your comprehensive visit includes a full body examination, skin cancer screening, evaluation of each skin condition, discussion of potential treatment plans, discussion and order form for necessary laboratory work, written or electronic prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice (for which you can still use your insurance at your own pharmacy), medically necessary cryotherapy (freezing), discussion of your skincare regimen and skincare products, evaluation of your face, chest, neck and hands for potential cosmetic procedures.

If additional procedures such as a skin biopsy, allergy testing, cauterization, sin lesion destruction,  or skin surgery needs to be performed, we will let you know the pricing for before performing the procedure .


New Patient Comprehensive Medical Visit  $325

  • Initial comprehensive visits are 40 minutes , Fee: $ 325 → BOX: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT
  • Your comprehensive visit includes:
    • a full body examination
    • skin cancer screening and evaluation of suspicious spots
    • evaluation of each skin condition, including but not limited to rashes, eczema, acne, hair loss, etc
    • discussion of potential treatment plans and choosing treatment plan that works for you
    • Ordering any necessary laboratory work, imaging, or work up
    • written or electronic prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice (for which you can still use your insurance at your own pharmacy)
    • medically necessary cryotherapy (freezing) treatment,
  • Follow ups are what you need and desire → BOX : SEE PRICING
Established Patient Comprehensive or YearlyFull-Body Exam/Skin Cancer Screening 30 minutes, $250
Established Patient Regular Follow-Up Visit, 20 minutes,  $175
Established Patient Teledermatology Follow-Up Visit, 20 minutes  $175

You will be able to do your visits from the comfort of your home, which is beneficial for busy schedules and school-aged children. You can log into these visits from anywhere in the world.

Cosmetic Consultation 30 minutes $175

A comprehensive cosmetic evaluation of concerning areas. The focus will be on beautiful glowing skin as the cornerstone of your cosmetic procedures – Dr. Heidi will not inject and fill before we clean up the canvas.

Available cosmetic procedures that may benefit you will be discussed and a comprehensive written treatment plan will be provided to you. Additionally, Dr. Heidi will evaluate your current skincare regimen and recommend new products if needed. A written step-by-step skincare regimen will also be provided for your reference. This fee can be applied towards laser packages booked the same day.

  • discussion of your skincare regimen and skincare products,
  • Evaluation of your skin by skinscope
  • evaluation of your face, neck, chest, arms, and hands for potential cosmetic procedures.
  • Discussion of recommended cosmetic treatments and procedures, including their risks and benefits, downtime, and pricing
  • Discussion of cosmetic procedures are tailored to your skin-type; Dr. Heidi has acquired expertise in treating darker skin types including Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern skin (see cosmetic dermatology section)
  • Heidi will provide a simplified and effective skincare regimen that prevents you from wasting time or money on beauty products.
Initial Comprehensive Medical visit + Cosmetic Consultations, 50 minutes, $400 (20% discounted compared to two visits booked separately

See what is included in comprehensive medical visit + comprehensive cosmetic visit

Skin-Lesion Shave Biopsy* – first lesion $175, each additional lesion on same day $135
Skin-Lesion Punch Biopsy* – first lesion $250, each additional lesion on same day  $200
Skin Surgery* < 2.5 cm – $750, Skin Surgery > 2.5 cm – $950
Saturday or evening visit surcharge $75
Home visit surcharge $750

*Your biopsy specimen is sent to an outside board-certified dermatopathologists. Pathology fees are charged separately by the outside lab. This charge can be directly charged to you by the lab or can submit your payment on your behalf on the day of your service.


In order for us to see you in an efficient manner, we depend on you to be prompt. Missed appointments cause scheduling and time allocation problems and also denies another patient timely access to our office. If you cannot keep an appointment, we kindly request you cancel with at least one business day’s notice. Therefore, you will be charged a no-show fee of $50 if an appointment is not canceled one business day in advance. In addition, if you arrive more than 15 minutes after the appointment time, we may need to reschedule. Since we allocate a more extensive time for cosmetic and laser procedures, the no-show fee will be calculated $50 per each 30-minute increment of your total appointment time.

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