Cosmetic Dermatology

JUVIVE is led by board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Heidi Goodarzi MD FAAD, who has expertise in a wide variety of cosmetic and laser dermatological procedures. She offers pre-juvnination & preventative treatments, as well as rejuvenation & corrective procedures.

Whether you are looking for a little “baby botox” to prevent deepening of the frown lines or want an ablative CO2 laser to reverse 5-10 years of aging and sun damage we can offer you a treatment that fits your needs.

Dr. Heidi’s philosophy on cosmetic dermatology is that she wants you to look like YOU – a refreshed version of YOU. She strongly believes that your beauty is unique and she does not want to change that. Under Dr. Heidi’s care, even with semi-invasive cosmetic procedures, you will always look like YOU – and that’s her promise of hers to YOU!

Injectable Fillers
Freeze the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles. By preventing these muscles from contracting.
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IPL Laser Treatment
Smooth uneven texture of the skin and mildly rejuvenate the skin by altering the tail ends of the DNA.
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Cosmetic mole removal
Swift outpatient cosmetic mole removal minimizes scarring, enhancing aesthetics with personalized skin refinement.
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Some of the common medical dermatology services treated at Juvive Dermatology
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