Pediatric Dermatology

JUVIVE is led by a board-certified dermatologist and felloship-trained pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Heidi Goodarzi MD FAAD. She specializes in, and has a passion for, pediatric dermatology and pediatric medicine in general. After finishing Haravrd medical School, she completed one year of residency in pediatrics at the Massachusetts General for Children, followed by a three year dermatology residency program at University of California, Davis. She has also completed a pediatric dermatology fellowship at Stanford University. She is an expert in diagnosing and treating skin, hair, and nail diseases in newborns, infants, children and teenagers.

Dr Heidi believes that it is very important that babies’ birthmarks and moles get evaluated by a dermatologist, that children’s eczema gets treated as a skin disease and not as an “allergy” or “dry skin”, and that teenagers’ acne gets medically managed so that they are not left with scars on their beautiful faces or souls!

Trust your children with the expert only.

Specialized Expertise
Dr. Heidi is fellowship trained pediatric dermatologist. She has completed one year of general pediatric medicine residency, followed by three years of dermatology residency, and one year of pediatric dermatology fellowship. That is 5 years of training after finishing medical school !
Kid-Friendly Environment
Our office, our technologies and medical supplies are designed for kids & teenagers. Our staff are well-trained in pediatric medicine.We want to make sure kids and parents feel comfortable with their visit. We use a variety of techniques to decrease children's anxierty around their visit or procedures they may need.
From Rashes to Stitches...
And virtually everything in between, we can provide the complete skin, hair and nail care for your children.Birthmarks, newborn rashes, eczema, molluscum, wart, viral rashes, bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases of skin, cuts and burns, acne, acne scarrring, hair loss, nail disease, fungus infection and about 2000 more diagnoses are treated by pediatric dermatologists.

Some of the Common Childhood Skin Conditions Treated at JUVIVE Clinic

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For cosmetic, women and pediatric dermatology-related questions or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Heidi, top board-certified dermatologist in Newport Beach, call JUVIVE at (949) 430-0334 or click below.