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Botox®, Xeomin & Other Neuromodulators

Botox® is one of the best-known dermatological products on the market today for the treatment of facial wrinkles. A simple injection can change your appearance, instantly making you appear younger and more relaxed.

As you age, wrinkles develop. Frown lines, crow’s feet, lines on the forehead, and the “elevens” between the eyebrows can not only add years to your age, but make you look angry or annoyed.

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Botox®, Xeomin® and Dysport® are injections used to soften up facial wrinkles and improve facial features. They are quick 10-minute treatments with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Botox is FDA-approved for frown lines (“the elevens”) , crow’s feet, and forehead lines but is used in other areas as well.  The treatment is usually quick and there is no downtime. You will notice the full results in 4-10 days.

People are starting to use Botox® treatments earlier ad earlier as we now know the wrinkle prevention is much more effective than wrinkle treatment. There is no right or wrong time to start Botox®. Make an appointment to discuss your goals and cosmetic desires with Dr. Heidi.

Most patients report that being injected with Botox feels like a pinch. If you are sensitive to pain we can use ice or apply numbing cream to decrease your discomfort.

Here are some quotes from Dr. Heidi’s patients:

“Younger, but not plasticy younger, just a little softer.”
“Opened up my face but did not make me look frozen.”
“Makes me look happier and not as angry looking.”
“I need to compete with younger people at work and it has helped soften up my features.”
“Can definitely see softening of the lines around my eyes and I love it.”

Botox® for Forehead & Frown Lines

Botox® temporarily freezes the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles. By preventing these muscles from contracting, the wrinkles are held at bay. Botox® is a safe and temporary treatment for unwanted wrinkles. While complications have been reported, they will fade as the product gradually dissipates.
JUVIVE - Women & Pediatric Dermatologist in Orange County - Botox®, Xeomin & Other Neuromodulators
JUVIVE - Women & Pediatric Dermatologist in Orange County - Botox®, Xeomin & Other Neuromodulators

Botox® for Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, of hands, feet, or underarms is a common condition can interfere with one’s daily life and cause social embarrassment. Botox® injection is a great option for those who have tried other forms of antiperspirants or prescription medication without success. It helps by blocking the nerves that are responsible for activating your sweat glands.

This FDA-approved treatment is quick and easy, can reduce sweating by up to 75% after just one injection, and can last for up to 6 months. I inject the armpit, palms or any other area where excess sweating occurs with a small needle in a grid-like pattern.

For many people, this procedure can drastically improve their quality of life. ⠀

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